Unboxing Mocha Local

We had the opportunity to beta test Mocha Local last year, just before we jet set to our honeymoon.

We meant to tell you about this sooner (we didn’t), and now Mocha Local is here.

We’ve tested meal kits like Chefs Plate (whom a Little Locavore partnered with) and Good Food, and were excited to find out how our local competitor would stack up.

Angel and Jaclyn are the culinarians behind Mocha Local, as well as their restaurant Mocha Cabana. If you’ve ever eaten there, you’ll know it’s one of the best restaurants the city has to offer. Now imagine eating there on the daily, and not having to order out. But still doing your own dishes.

In their words:

We were both raised on farms and in small communities. This shaped us to be the food enthusiasts we are today. Our passion is to create, cook, and nourish our guests and families. We value and support sustainable food systems by building direct partnerships with local farmers and producers. With Mocha Local, we want to share our passion with you and make our local farming community more accessible. So that you can cook delicious, wholesome meals for your family and friends using high quality ingredients, sourced directly from our farmers and producers.


Mocha Local: the down-low

What we love: local, delicious and legit farm-to-table food from Lethbridge and area.

How it works: if you’ve ever used a meal kit service, you’ll find yourself ordering a selection of ~3 meals per week, delivered to your door in recyclable and compostable materials.

Our verdict: Mocha Local offers a locally-grown meal kit and online famers market service that meets (and often beats) other online competitors in both quality and price.

While the weekly meal selection isn’t quite as vast as others, we appreciate being able to support local and share our food experiences personally with Angel and Jaclyn, and knowing the source of our food (except for bits that might come canned).

We’ve enjoyed a varied selection of meal options, including: bulger-stuffed peppers, spaghetti and Italian meatballs, fattoush salad, parmesan baked cod, and chicken yakitori.

Last thoughts: I highly recommend this meal kit service to all Lethbians, and suggest you check out https://store.mochalocal.ca/ as well for an online farmers market.

And for more insight, have a look-see at this linked Global News story, or the one embedded below from CTV Lethbridge:

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