Sugoi! Japan Film Festival comes to The Movie Mill

Now that Word on the Street and Arts Days are finally over, here comes some real culture.

Japan Film Festival

The Consulate General of Japan in Calgary and the Japan Foundation present the 2013 JAPAN FILM FESTIVAL in Lethbridge, featuring 2 contemporary Japanese films at the Movie Mill on October 19th. Both shows are in Japanese with English subtitles and are free to attend, though seating is limited.

For full details, check out the Nishikaze website.

Lethbian Lover featured on Citytv for hard-hitting and in-depth anime news report, ugh


I don't normally show off my collection of half-naked cartoon centerfolds, but when I do it's on prime-time news television.

With Nishikaze 2013 coming up, I thought I'd take a look back 5-6 years ago and see how much of a blabbering idiot I still am. The newscast was a favour for my reporter "friend," Ashley, who begged and pleaded to embarass me on the Calgary Citytv station.

Here's my VHS rip. You probably should not watch.


And when I said what "my genre" is, it's not really that at all. I was watching Maburaho (the centerfold girl) at the time and, if memory serves me correct, it was a some sort of magical princess harem anime. I should just shut up now.

“East blown west,” or “Lethbridge’s anime festival returns!”

Nishikaze 2013

Nishikaze, Lethbridge's anime convention, is back for 2013 after a brief hiatus. Coming June 15:

Nishikaze is an annual convention held in Lethbridge, Alberta at the University of Lethbridge. Nishikaze is striving to become the premiere anime and Japanese pop culture in event in southwestern Alberta, bringing together anime fans to celebrate the best in Japanese culture and entertainment.

The word nishikaze means "west wind" and either refers to how much it blows here or our chinooks. The event brings together fans of Japanese animation, comics, videogames, artists, exhibitors and (most importantly) cosplayers. For those otaku into the latter (who isn't?), here's their promo video: 


If you know who there is cosplaying as "Alexander the Great," props to you!

More info can be found on their website or Facebook page.

Anime club fail

I don’t make it a secret that I love animation and, in another life, would probably have been a cartoonist.

With that said, I watch a lot of anime (and not just the tentacle stuff). However, my friends don’t share the same interest so I am relegated to watch my shows in lonely isolation.

I’ve known for quite awhile that the University of Lethbridge has a club called the “Japanese Anime & Manga Society (JAMS),” so for about the last week or so I have been trying to muster some courage and information, with plans to attend one of their meetings.

Tonight was the night, and here’s where I begin my rant…

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