Pitch-In is bitchin’

Operation Clean SweepIt’s “Pitch-In Canada Week,” where volunteers across the city pick up your garbage, you filthy jerk. The whole point of the week, a.k.a Operation Clean Sweep, is to encourage citizens to be responsible with their trash; to throw it in receptacles or recycle it to keep our environment clean.

Hopefully you can grasp that, as all citizens are encouraged to take 20 minutes out of their day to pick up some litter and make Lethbridge livable agin, especially after this long winter.

Pitch-In Canada is a non-profit and charitable organization that sponsors projects aimed at improving communities and the environment.  One of Pitch-In Canada’s many campaigns is the “20 Minute Makeover“.  The campaign encourages people of all ages, organizations, businesses and neighbourhoods to take at least 20 minutes out of their day during Pitch-In week (April 20 – 26 in 2009) to pick up litter on school grounds or in business, commercial and residential areas.

If memory serves me correct, I once participated in this week as a youngster. We were split into teams and told whoever picks up the most trash wins a prize. I stuffed all my bags with tumbleweeds, so naturally my team won. The prize was pretty lame – a tin of stale cookies, that the entire class then shared. So much for teamwork. Though I learned an important lesson that day, and that was to never pick up used condoms. Not that I did it, but my stupid classmate did.

Anyway, events are planned over the course of the entire week. Do something.

Pitch-In Canada Week

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