Historical Lethbridge anthem

I came across this YouTube video. He seems to know a lot about the history of Lethbridge! [citation needed]


Lethbridge Alberta was first known as “The Coal Banks”. The main industry in the early days of Lethbridge Alberta was coal, first discovered by Nicholas Sheran and then capitalized by the Galt Family. Coalbanks was renamed “Lethbridge” in 1906 when the Canadian Pacific Railroad was building track across Souther Alberta. They build the longest and tallest steel trestle bridge in the world across the coulees in Lethbridge Alberta and it was completed in 1909, still holding its records to this day. Lethbridge Alberta is a beautiful place when the snow melts in the summer because Lethbridge Alberta is founded on the banks of the Oldman River that snakes through Lethbridge on its way across southern Alberta. Lethbridge Alberta is now known more as a party town and its main industry is food processing. However, there may be oil around Lethbridge Alberta and this town may one day, boom again. Wait and see. Lethbridge Alberta is full of surprises. I verily enjoy the city of Lethbridge, Alberta. I invite you to have a look at Lethbridge Alberta yourself and learn more about Lethbridge Alberta from this song I wrote about Lethbridge Alberta.

Memoirs of a Lethbian cabbie

If you’ve ever wondered what a Lethbridge cab driver gets to see, hear and smell in this spotless city of ours, check out Taxiguy’s blog. He’s got all sorts of stories and videos, ranging from hookers to pregnant teenaged moms. A very interesting side of Lethbridge most of us know nothing about!

Lethbridge Taxi Driver

I got a limo that’s 40 feet long

…or “I’m takin’ it easy, takin’ the bus”

Photo by Kim Siever (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lethbridge_Transit.jpg)

But not really. This is a rant about my experience of taking L.A. Transit or whatever it’s now called – let’s say the bus – about a month ago. I felt like being green (more than just in the face) and adventurous; and because it was the middle of the summer, I wouldn’t have to freeze my derriere off waiting for one!

There were some issues I had before even stepping onto a bus, like how the stops don’t have schedules posted on them. Although the Ride Guide is available online as a PDF, and in print in some undisclosed locations, it is confusing! @chuchiface would agree 🙂

Now I’ve been told by Kim Siever, who has been taking the bus for about 12 years, that the city is developing an app or Google mashup that will give iPhone/Android/mobile users the ability to plan their routes much easier, I have no idea how far that is off. A little behind the times, Lethbridge.

So I had my university-aged sister explain the route I needed to take, which was actually quite simple to get to the college. Though it meant a lot of patience and just sitting. Good thing I brought a book. It took over an HOUR to get from Columbia Blvd. to the college, and I didn’t even have to switch buses! I could have been halfway to Calgary had I drove.

Route 12 basically takes the opposite the direction I needed to go and galavants around the westside before it stops at the university terminal. If only there were a complimentary route like it that went the opposite direction, it would shave off a lot of time. Or if I just rode my non-existent bike to the U of L…

I don’t understand how or why they picked their routes, but in the summer some stops only run every 30 minutes instead of the usual 15. More waiting around until I could take my return trip from the college terminal. And I totally forgot to pay the $2.25 fare on the way back. Take that!

Basically, this just re-enforced how much I like to drive. Too bad those Tesla Roadsters cost so much! There actually is a blue one that rides around town, by the way. I don’t want to take the bus again anytime soon. Sorry.

McGuinty’s, the new pub in town

Last night, my friends and I decided to check out the new Irish pub in Lethbridge, McGuinty’s. It’s located in the old Roadhouse building, which it shares with Pulse nightclub. I question that a little.

The pub is only about a month old, so it smells of fresh paint rather than booze or anything else. Although it seems to be lacking some charm, I think given enough time it will grow into its skin.

The great thing about it is some of the drinks they have on tap – Kilkenny, Harp, Guinnes and Strongbow. Since we went on a Tuesday, it was a dollar off draft. Their menu also sounds really, really good, but a little on the pricey side. I was able to sample a deep-fried dill pickle and some beer-battered onion rings. Tasted great.

McGuinty’s also has a couple dart boards, which I am awful at playing. At least I wasn’t the only one to put a hole in the wall! But after a little coaching by a fellow that was playing next to us, my game improved (slightly). Now I’m not sure if he was drunk or just Irish, but he was a friendly sort and apparently taught folks to play darts. So thanks, whoever you are.

Long story short, the verdict is that I like it. I’m interested in seeing the Lethbridge Fire Dept Piping Band there in a couple of days.

Though, I’m not sure how the club hoppers and pub drunkards will relate, but I’m sure the amount of stabbings will probably stay the same.

McGuinty’s Irish Pub (via Facebook)

My Style featuring Shaylene

Truth be told, I don’t know all that much about Shaylene. I vaguely remember the first few times I noticed her at work (years ago). And every once in a while I run into her in the hallways, so I stop to say hello.

What I do know: she’s got that well-dressed, smart girl with glasses look down. And I like it. Sorry there’s only one photo this time around!

General Studies Instructor & NIT Coordinator/Advisor at Lethbridge College

Where’d your outfit come from?
I bought the dress from Joanne at Edit. The brand of the dress is “Individual for iclothing co.”

The boots are from “Spring.”

Style influences?
Different environments often inspire a new direction of style. My style influences come from the streets of various places I have traveled. When I come home I am motivated to create a new outfit, it’s like taking on a new challenge, where I have to fit someone else’s look into my own style. The key is to make it so that this new look is an expression of my own unique personality and nobody else’s. Style is truly an expressive form of art.

With this particular outfit I was inspired by the juxtaposition of a dressy yet casual look with the incorporation of a classic fitting dress that makes a statement all on its own, and raw boots with a little funky edge!

Something about me?
I am a huge fan of clothes and quotes. Sometimes a well presented outfit can have the same effect as a well stated quote! There is much power in what we see…

Whoopin’ It Up

Whoop-Up Days officially kicks of tomorrow with a parade that only old people, kids and those actually participating in the parade can attend…because the rest of us SOBs are at work. I’m sure Shaw TV will recap it over and over again, however. So here’s what’s happening:

Hey, anyone else want to hop the fence to get into the midway? I hear there are some totally smokin’ carnies this year. And by that I mean they probably go through 3 packs a day.

Whoop-Up Days