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It’s been just over a week since I launched the blog. I can’t believe the great response – 1 comment so far! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read some of my banter. There’s a lot more to come, so please invite your friends!

Here’s the run-down:

I went deep undercover to reveal the dirty truth behind “Buy a condo, get free tuition.” A few events, including Black History month, Freedom to Read week, The Homelessness Marathon, The World’s Best Commercials and free a movie night, courtesy of Lethbridge College. I rambled about live music, as well as The Slice making top 50 in CBC Radio 3’s Searchlight for “Best Live Music Club in Canada.” Then I got hungry and ate some Tacos. Also mentioned was local graffiti and artists losing their last graffiti-safe area. And I briefly introduced this blog to you and asked some people what they love about Lethbridge.

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