Endangered Ape EP release party tonight

Endangered ApeOne of our favourite Lethbridge bands, Endangered Ape, are releasing their second EP “Ape Shall Not Kill Ape” tonight at Henotic. Adam writes:

My beloveds,

It has been many moons since Endangered Ape first started playing tunes here in Lethbridge to the fine members of the community and you have consistently blessed us with coming out, losing your shit, rocking out, and overall, being incredibly good-looking. Every night has been a frickin’ party, and it’s awesome that you fine people have checked us out.

As you might know, we’re taking our shtick on the road next month, going on tour all across this great nation of ours all the way to the salty shores of Nova Scotia. Amazing!!! We wouldn’t have considered such a ballsy move to spread the good word and try and put Lethbridge on the map without your help! Ballsy moves need balls, or in our case, gas money, so we are putting on a sweet EP Release Party tonight at the GCBC Lounge. It’s going to be great! There’s going to be a bunch of us playing some music you haven’t heard before, along with the Mighty Ape playing closer and heck, even some sweet new tunes for you to buy if it fancies you, which I’m sure it will!!!

So, grab your bros, your ladeez, your BF/GF and come on down and hang out with us. I’ve already checked what’s going on tonight, there isn’t a UFC fight to watch, no hockey games to gamble on, and if you aren’t into Bluegrass- inspired revisioning of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, then you only have one place to turn! Come down tonight, and chill with your ‘homies’, be served by alt-girl models (!!!!!!!), and have an awesome time helping out some of Lethbridge’s prodigal sons. (Then we promise not to play for a while so that people don’t get sick of us!!! *~* ) LOLZ

K, so thanks for reading, you are my new girlfriends/boy-toys.


oxox Adam Ape

They’re still looking to raise gas money for thier cross-country tour. Other bands playing tonight include Amelia Earhart, The Myelin Sheaths, Evan Van Reekum, Kent Aardse and RAN. So come out to Henotic, have a beer and show your support for our local music scene!

Endangered Ape EP Release Party

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