Lethbridge Fashion Weekend is zesty

Oh joy! “Joie de Vivre,” Lethbridge Fashion Week’s spring theme, is set for this weekend at the Lethbridge Legion.

Also, Lethbian Love is not becoming a fashion blog. It’s just a time to celebrate old man winter releasing his stranglehold grip upon Southern Alberta! It’s kinda ironic though, since the Legion smells like old spice and scotch, not spring blossoms and pheromones.

Lethbridge Fashion Weekend

Lady Gaga in Lethbridge

Hey, does anyone remember Suede and that time Lady Gaga played there? Yeah, I heard that show lasted about 20 minutes. 20 minutes of AWESOME. Look what I dug up:


It’s almost like I was there, staring at her crotch.

A Lethbridgian View

LL Cool J once said, rapped or tweeted, “There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”

It’s kinda cool when I stumble across blogs from fellow Lethbians here and there, like Daily Photo Dose and Lethbian Antics (long retired). Today, I found that my friend Martin‘s cousin has followed my lead and started her own blog called “A Lethbridgian View.” Although she spelled Lethbian completely wrong, this blog is another unique take on Lethbridge.


Maybe this whole “turning your back to the wind” thing is starting to take off?

A Lethbridgian View

My Style L.A. featuring Jessica

I met Jessica randomly one day on my way back from lunch. She was sitting with an acquaintance of mine, drawing  patterns for her fashion class. With her cool tattoos and a dress made from a found skirt, I saw that she had a great style (and an even better smile). She’s pretty natural behind the camera too.

Fashion Design Student, Creative Thinker.

Where’d your outfit come from?
Nearly each layer came from a different place. The shoes were a gem found at Value Village, legwear from Ardenes, shorts from somewhere in California, cardigan and scarf from Wal-Mart, jacket was from Ricki’s and I got my t-shirt when I saw the Vancouver-based band The Jolts play…and then I cut it up.

Style Influences:
Everything: my mood that day, the season, friends, strangers, what music I’ve been listening to, magazines, vintage, comfort, self-expression…I was asked today how I picked my outfits in the morning and I didn’t really know how to answer. I just try stuff on until I’m happy, which is also why I can’t keep my room clean.

Something about me:
I cut my own hair. I like vinyls. And tattoos. I’m good with animals and children. I’m a BC girl, born and raised. I’m pretty weird, but people seem to like it. I like individuals and quirks.

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Daily Photo Dose

Lethbridge is full of great photographers (myself not included) and Jaime Vedres is definitely one of my favourites. Recently, he started a blog called “Daily Photo Dose” that chronicles the photos he takes day-to-day, along the way. I caught up with him to learn more about his project, as well as to share some of the amazing photos. Interview and a few photos after the jump!

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