Powers combine: Wyrd Alberta + Mammoth Cave Fest!

Last year, the rooftops of Henotic were rocked from Mammoth Cave Fest, a live music extravaganza of elephantine proportions. It’s back for 2010, so I got in touch with maestro Paul Lawton to learn more!

This is the second time around for Mammoth Cave Fest. Tell us about it.
Last year was a pretty important one as far as the Lethbridge music community – studios opening left and right, local bands popping up left and right and getting signed (latest – Fist City who got picked up by Cleveland, Ohio’s Deadbeat Records, a great/storied punk rawk label), so we decided to celebrate last may by holding a giant party – Mammoth Cave Fest. That was such an astonishing success that we knew then and there that we would make it into a yearly event.

This year, we decided to team up with friends we made in Calgary (Sled Island) and Edmonton (Aaron Levin, who runs the weirdcanada.com website and who shared a common vision with his Wyrd Fest in Edmonton that was held last fall and which featured Myelin Sheaths and The Moby Dicks). Last November (post Wyrd Fest I), Aaron and I decided we should try and combine our two festivals, helping to both offset the costs and to help lure touring bands to come to Alberta (with the promise of three nights in a row of full houses). We got Sled Island’s Zak Pashak on board to help with Calgary and we spent the next few months assembling some of Canada’s very best fringe music acts.

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Guest post: Some of my favourite places in Lethbridge

Lethbian Lover’s note: Here’s a guest entry from one of my friends, Damian Warszawski, who recently blogged about his view on Lethbridge and has graciously allowed me to re-post it here!

Drinks & Laughs. Scenery & Family
Many people think that Lethbridge is a dreary windy hole of a town, I tend to agree but there is places that make this town worth wild. Living here most of my life I am ashamed to say I don’t know this town as well as I should, but it is getting easier by reading blogs from my cousin and my brothers friend. Hopefully this year I can get out more and experience what this town has to offer, whether it’s just going for a walk or seeing a show at a local bar. For now I will share with you two of my favourite places to relax, enjoy some drinks and love life.

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My Style featuring Lynol

So I am finding that even though we live in a city, sometimes it feels more like a small town. That being said, I now assume that everyone I know, somehow knows everyone else that I know.

In that six degrees of separation, I met Lynol.

Lynol was introduced to me through Paul (who will be profiled in My Style in a couple of weeks), and I couldn’t stop staring; amazing style. When Lynol came in for the shoot, it turns out that he knew Jaime (our photographer), and the story doesn’t end there.

I could go on…but instead you need to see for yourself:

Lynol Lui Photographer/Post-Production

Where’d your outfit come from?
Chimala denims, Vintage boots, T-Shirt by Custom Made, Tailored Jacket by Unconditional, glasses and ring bought in a market.

Style influences?
I like to look at latest editorials from such magazines like: i-D, Dazed, Numero, Arena, 125… designers/stylists, friends, blogs and fashion week.

Something about me?
I still have a teddy bear that sits on my bed.
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A model idiot

David Guenther, a fellow Lethbian and one half of Rowan Jane Photography, asked me last week to model for him. At first I was like, “LOL! Me…a model? For realz?” but David confessed that he’s a fan of the blog and thought that I would be a nice addition to their “Lethbridge” portfolio.

So who am I to turn down one of my fans? I needed new photos for my Plenty of Fish profile anyways. Check out all of the dashing photos of me on their blog. Great work, thanks David!

Wax Mannequin comes to Lethbridge

Chris Adeney, known to most as Wax Mannequin, is one of my favourite Canadian musicians (besides Leeroy Stagger and Bryan Adams).  Though I haven’t seen many bands lately, his shows make me suffer The Slice at least once a year. And that time is almost at hand, as he comes to Lethbridge on March 31 as part of his “Hear Some Evil” tour with The Burning Hell.

Wax Mannequin was born in the smoke and industry of Hamilton; a damaged, underdog town; a perfect breeding ground for strange, variant things. Incorporating folk, scrappy prog-metal and a tireless creative ethic, Wax infused his local influences with road-broken experience to forge something unsettlingly new.

Hear Some Evil tour (via Facebook)


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My Style featuring Meghan

I am frequently thrilled and inspired by the people who walk through the doors of my shoppe. I met Meghan and her mom over a year ago, and look forward to their visits. I love how Meghan is always accessorized, even if it is just a tiny detail; so, I am happy to share her style with you!

Student and amateur fashion blogger.

Where’d your outfit come from?
Dress – Aritzia, tights – Target, shoes – Urban Outfitters, bag – EDIT Vintage Finds.

Style influences?
My main influences are people on the street and many fashion bloggers that I look to for advice. Others would include Mia Wasikowska, Carey Mulligan or Zooey Deschanel.

Something about me?
I love to shop vintage and accessorize a lot with my outfits. My style is very different from people my age but I am perfectly fine with that because I get to show my real personality. I have a fashion blog that you can check out HERE!

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Art is the proper task of life

So, I have ridiculously talented and good-looking friends who are art geeks. Julia M. is one of those, and she’s got some of her work up in the University of Lethbridge’s art gallery as part of a student exhibition.

The Annual Curated Student Exhibition provides a showcase of excellent work by Art Studio majors in that year and gives the students a valuable achievement to list on their résumés.

Her work, “Shapes,” for the exhibition “The Object of My Affection Attention” runs until April 9 in the uleth art gallery. You can also see more of Julia’s work on her blog.

The Object of My Attention: Annual Curated Student Exhibiton

Blood Reserve team headed for Haiti

Speaking of Haiti, a paramedic/firefighter friend of mine, Jon Davis, is part of a group from the Blood Reserve traveling there to aid the relief effort. Via the Lethbridge Herald:

The plight of Haiti’s quake victims has plucked at the heartstrings of both young and old on the Blood Reserve, and the community’s lone physician is organizing a medical relief trip to depart in March.

Dr. Esther Tailfeathers has amassed people from the Blood Tribe Dept. of Health that includes Registered Nurses, paramedics, support staff and others.

They’ll be setting off in about 8 days. Good luck, Jon!

Blood Reserve plans support team for Haiti

Skate video to benefit Haiti relief

Some Lethbridge skaters have taken to the Boarderline ramp, producing a skate video to benefit the Haiti earthquake disaster relief. Via Christian Nelson of Atrophy Manuscript fame:

High Rollers Haiti Benefit Video. Featuring the Boarderline (Lethbridge AB) Team and friends. 100% of the proceeds go to Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief. DVD’s are available at Boarderline and if you are interested in donating through Paypal send a payment to the account [email protected]. Thanks for your support.

High Rollers

Lethbridge Skateboard Association