Engrish record of Lethbridge

This website Amada Hotel has some of history to well fascinate you. It curates Lethbridge as lovely city of great excitement. Please for your interest:

Places to discern
One-liner of the most approved museums of Lethbridge is the Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives. Believing the rumours stable ghosts seize it! After this you can trip along the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden to surface the instant impulsive orderliness and have the belle of its floristic compositions.
Year-round sport program is offered in Fort Whoop-up Interpretive Centre. One of its favourite services is hopping, skipping and jumping from the Helen Schuler Coulee Mid-point where a pat crow called “Pegleg” welcomes visitors. It is a lodgings where you can find unacceptable a quantity of intriguing facts here the Lethbridge wildlife. More than 80 hectares of Lethbridge Nature Reserve are located here.
If you are affectionate of quick rest, observe our parks, numerous trails together with your blood, it resolve be an stirring diversion either for grown-ups and kids. But be scrupulous not to touch with our rattlesnakes!

Record of Lethbridge (via Kim Siever)

Allez cuisine!

This is my friend, Chef Doug. He’s a (culinary) Olympian heading to Luxembourg. Think Iron Chef on hard mode.

He also made me the best damn Manhattan ever.

Overes can handle the heat (via Lethbridge Herald)

No trespassing!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to practice some of my (amateur) photo skillz. My stylish friends Jessica and Brett hopped the fence with me to get these shots in front of the High Level Bridge. I though I’d share them with all my internet stalker friends.

See the rest on Flickr.

Small city, big style

Miss Megan, who (I believe) is the daughter of Lethbridge photographer Jim McNally, has a cool Lethbridge blog all about about style. Besides showing off her lust for fashion, she’s also the subject of a lot of cool photoshoots, like this one (nice backdrop):

Check out her blog or Facebook page for more stuff.