My Style L.A. featuring Kat

For some time, I’ve seen this cute “cat-eared girl” about the hallways of the college. After some sleuthing via my Lethbridge connections, I was finally able to track her down and get in touch with the girl, who’s coincidentally named Kat.

Student, coat check/beer tub girl.

Where’d your outfit come from?
My cardigan and dress both came from Sapporo, Japan.

Style Influences:
Style influences are Harajuku street fashion mixed with gothic/punk/sweet lolita.

Something about me:
Something about me is that I am obsessed with cats, and zombies. I collect zombie movies, and my favourite zombie director is George A. Romero.

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Plan Your City “Ideas Book” available

Back in May, I wrote a post called “City squares want your circles,” which was about the Lethbridge ‘s “Plan Your City” initiative. Although I only participated in the “visioning workshops” (for the donuts and coffee), a number of Lethbians formed think tanks/circles and submitted their ideas to the city, which is now published online.

As part of the Plan Your City Municipal Development Plan / Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (MDP/ICSP),  an estimated five hundred Lethbridge residents participated in City Circles, providing their insight into what it will take to make Lethbridge an even better place to live into the year 2050.  In all, there were 48 City Circles who made a total of 55 submissions. This Ideas Book is a collection of those submissions.

But nothing I haven’t thought of already.

Ideas Book 2009 (PDF link)

Lethbridge’s Straight Dope

If you’re looking to score some LSD, Layne Whipple is not your man. However, he passed along a rare treasure from days long past – one that smelled more like old books than anything else.

This little capsule was put on the streets by the Travel and Convention Association of Southern Alberta, showing that people weren’t always so tight-assed (but I guess it was the 70s, after all). Hit the jump to see its contents! Continue reading ‘Lethbridge’s Straight Dope’

An arts community?

Here’s a bit of surprising news from the Lethbridge Herald this morning:

In what promises to be a major downtown makeover, city council has enthusiastically endorsed a plan to build two major new arts facilities along a one-block plaza just east of Galt Gardens.

The two-phase plan is to begin with a new $12.6-million community arts centre on the eastern portion of the former IGA site by 2012, followed in subsequent years by a neighbouring performing arts centre. The latter would extend westward into the park, resulting in the closure of what is now a section of 7 Street South and creating a downtown arts district.

Local arts community leaders are lauding council’s decision, which was unanimous.

Downtown “revitalization” has always seemed like talk to me, but this is the positive sign that Lethbridge is actually becoming less hick moving forward. Hopefully, it also means there’s a place to display the large collection of art that both the university and college have locked away in their vaults.

Now if we could only get that third bridge…

Dramatic plans in store downtown

Anime club fail

I don’t make it a secret that I love animation and, in another life, would probably have been a cartoonist.

With that said, I watch a lot of anime (and not just the tentacle stuff). However, my friends don’t share the same interest so I am relegated to watch my shows in lonely isolation.

I’ve known for quite awhile that the University of Lethbridge has a club called the “Japanese Anime & Manga Society (JAMS),” so for about the last week or so I have been trying to muster some courage and information, with plans to attend one of their meetings.

Tonight was the night, and here’s where I begin my rant…

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Speak now, what brings you here?

On Facebook and Twitter the other day, I petitioned my dear followers to answer this question:

“What brought you to Lethbridge? What makes you stay? Good or bad – I’m curious to know!”

Here are a few of the more interesting responses:

Sarah: My Dad was transferred here in 1998, and I fell in love with Lethbridge and its Arts community! It is a great size city to raise my children in, has great schools, wonderful people, and lots of wind to blow any worries away!
Kelly: Schooling brought me here, career opportunities and my fiance (and our newly purchased house) keep us here.
Kevin: Moved here for college and fell in love with the city. Such a great sense of community, and the people are fantastic! Graduated in April of 2009 and refused to leave.
Michael: My job; I brought the Wife; the mortgage is currently keeping us there after my job was swallowed by the “economy” last summer.

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Lethbridge lonely hearts

Today is Valentine’s Day, and congratulations to those who find themselves in the warm embrace of another, enjoying roses, cinnamon hearts, chocolates, champagne, perfume and lingerie. You make me sick. This post isn’t for you!

It was some guy named Stendhal who said, “Very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.” And for those of you who haven’t completely given up yet, I have compiled a list of ways to find yourself a date, or at least a one-night stand.

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