Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are.

Last week, I posted about some upcoming dance classes. As thanks, Maxine offered me the opportunity to attend one of her classes for free. Although the group was already 4 classes in, my natural grace and rhythm took over. That, and it was a beginner 2-step class. Standard fare if you’ve ever been to Essies, just no mini-jugs of booze.

Since that dance class was offered as part of Lethbridge College’s Mind-Body-Home catalogue, I decided to explore some of the other evening classes they offer. In particular, the non-credit culinary courses really appealed to me, so I signed up for the next available class, which was Vietnamese cooking. I ♥ Vietnamese food!

Taught by Chef Heng Ng, the class was a demo for creating 4 dishes and an accompanying sauce:

Although I tried linking to similar recipes as we received, you can find the actual ones in the Authentic Vietnamese Cooking book. They’re all very easy to cook!

Overall, I was very pleased with the class and loved being able to talk to a professional chef about food, one of my great loves (besides Natalie Portman). I’ll definitely be going again.

Culinary Careers

Put on your dancing feet

Don’t trust the saying, “dance like no one is watching” because I did that once and ended up on an episode So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Granted, I was only a floor waxer, but if you pause it you can totally see my reflection on the floor.

Anyway, dance instructor Maxine Strain, who tried getting me to swing a couple of years ago, emailed to tell me about a workshop that is being held next Saturday. Professional dance instructor “Jo Jo” is coming down to Lethbridge to teach couples Country, West Coast Swing and Latin/Ballroom dancing.

If you’re unlike me and actually have a human dance partner, I suggest you go! Classes start at 7PM on Feb. 13 at the Bill Kergan Centre.

UPDATE: No partner required!

Dance Workshops With Jo Jo