Lethbridge Fashion Week(end) is fashionable

Lethbridge Fashion WeekYves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” That’s what I keep having to remind myself as I tighten my leather belt and chew off the end. “La mode récession,” as I like to call it.

This Friday and Saturday is LFW’s Spring ’09 event, starting tomorrow night with a fashion show featuring 8 local designers and enough skin to craft me a new pair of shoes! It’s Lethbridge’s premier fashion weekend, featuring the city’s top fashion designers, upcoming talent and exclusive fashion sales.

Sadly, the event this year is dry, so make sure to do like the models and load up beforehand.

Lethbridge Fashion Week
(Nice website, huh? I made it!)

Be careful on the job!

Held annually on April 28, the National Day of Mourning commemorates workers whose lives have been lost or injured in the workplace. Events are being held across Canada under the theme “Review. Revitalize. Refresh.”

In 2007, 1,055 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada – up from 976 the previous year. This represents almost 3 (2.89) deaths every single day. Another 972,407 were injured or become ill.

Thankfully, I work in a relatively safe job, sitting all day behind a computer. That is, unless a chair explodes up my ass. But since I don’t know the true risk of on-the-job accidents, this video will suffice:


If that didn’t scare you, you might also want to take a look at Prevent-It.ca’s workplace safety commercials.

National Day of Mourning

This week in Lethbridge

Two fashion shows in two weeks! Lethbridge Fashion Week’s bi-annual fashion show is this Friday, and there’s 99% chance you’ll see me there. And also probably the Kabuki Guns Burlesque show at Henotic. I’ll be wearing my pasties.

If I may also suggest, check out the Amelia Earhart, Glencoulee and Classified shows. All 3 are a different genre, so take your pick!

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UofL Campus Community Garden Dig

This weekend the members of the Roots Garden Club and many others from the UofL community got together to dig the first ever on-campus garden. A communal Campus Community Garden, it boasts 9 private plots available on a first come, first serve basis and a rather sizable communal plot which will have up to 30 people tending the delicious vegetable and plant life that will soon be in this ground. To sign up for the garden individual plot or communal plot, or just to stay in the loop and be involved and participate in this amazing venture, follow this link. Although I missed most of the fun (re: putting in stakes, fences and digging lots…) I did get out there today to see the finished product and help with some clean up.

Many people have worked very hard on getting this project underway in the past two years and it is great to see something this positive bringing so many groups from around the campus together. Now, a campus wide composting project perhaps?

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Recently on Lethbian Love

Lethbridge is looking pretty brown lately and spring remains elusive. Global warming, my rear! Yet the snow has melted, only to reveal all sorts of garbage that has accumulated over the season.

With the ape flu running rampant, it’s only a matter of time that all sorts of bacteria come out of their winter hibernation and wreak havoc on Lethbridge. But Carli has got you covered. Might as well go out in style.

On a more boring, but important note, Lethbridge also held “visioning workshops” to gather public input on where Lethbridge should head in the next 40 years. In the session I attended, there were roughly 70 people, only 15% were below the age of 30. The majority of the people who were there won’t even be alive to see 2050! But earlier that day, I had the opportunity to have lunch with a couple of consultants who are involved in the “Plan Your City” initiative. They’re really keen on getting young people involved and even took their time to listen to little ‘ol me!

Try the bison steak sandwich at Henotic, by the way. So juicy and tender.

Endangered Ape EP release party tonight

Endangered ApeOne of our favourite Lethbridge bands, Endangered Ape, are releasing their second EP “Ape Shall Not Kill Ape” tonight at Henotic. Adam writes:

My beloveds,

It has been many moons since Endangered Ape first started playing tunes here in Lethbridge to the fine members of the community and you have consistently blessed us with coming out, losing your shit, rocking out, and overall, being incredibly good-looking. Every night has been a frickin’ party, and it’s awesome that you fine people have checked us out.

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Plan your city: Bring life back to Deathbridge

Plan Your CityToday, Joanne and I had the opportunity to meet with city consultants Cory and Brian, who are involved with the process of bringing Lethbridge into the 20th 21st century. They’re part of the “Plan Your City” initiative, where Lethbridge might actually listen to its citizens, so as to shape our future up to the year 2050 (before beastmen enslave humanity).

Listen, Lethbridge matters to me, or else I wouldn’t have started this blog. If you’re a young person like me (I’m 28) who has ever referred to this city as “Deathbridge,” this should matter to you.

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Alien apocalypse

Better you than me, Jonny
Let’s face it. A zombie attack hitting Lethbridge is a bit more feasible than a bushel of Pirates ransacking our city in the dead of night from the OldMan River. As somebody who is overly paranoid and sure that man-kind’s demise hangs overhead like a rusted out guillotine, I have made many extravagant plans in order to get out of the city quickly and effectively. Many of my plans follow the same guidelines. In fact, my Marshal Law scenario is exactly the same as my Alien Contact scenario. I write this post satirically of course, but the fact of the matter is, that you should always have some sort of plan to follow in case of ANY Emergency. Here is a good site to refer to for the very basics of protecting yourself and your loved ones: http://www.getprepared.gc.ca

So here’s the scenario, a horrible pandemic has hit every corner of the Earth in only a few short weeks thanks to modern travel and the diseases incubation period. With symptoms rivaling that of Ebola, death comes like a thief screaming in the night. Unless properly burned, the once dead bodies possess the uncanny ability to reanimate in a matter of hours. With so many people dropping dead, fires can’t be started fast enough. Soon Mayor Magrath Drive is full of the walking undead, and they smell your beautiful brain.

Let’s plan this together. What do you do? What tips can you share for the Lethbian masses? I want to see some deep, insightful comments people!

Guest blogger ahoy!

Carli Kogler - Death by Clam ChowderAllow me to introduce our first guest blogger, Carli Kogler.

I first met Carli a couple years back, when she interned in my office. Unfortunately, she wasn’t one of “those” interns – the kind that gets you coffee and “muffins,” but I didn’t hold it against her. She’s a fellow web designer, anime geek and artist. She also makes great dip. And is a ginger.

She’s going to write about stuff, so welcome to Lethbian Love, Carli!

I swear, I only go for the fashion designs

Illuminate Fashion ShowLike I’ve said before, I’m quite fashionable. This spring, I forecast that the “urban barrel” will take Lethbridge by storm in all this season’s hottest colours. That is, if we ever get away from this cursed snow!

But surely things will heat up Saturday night, as Lethbridge College’s Fashion Design & Marketing students hold their annual fashion show, Illuminate.

More than 160 garments designed and constructed by the students, plus silent auction and booths/tables featuring handcrafted items for sale; proceeds go to scholarships or charity.

The show is at 7PM in the D.A. Electric Barn. Overpriced tickets are $20, available at the LCSA office in the college’s Centre Core. But I guess $20 isn’t bad, considering it goes to charity. And you get to ogle college girls in bathing suits.