Plan Your City: Lethbridge 2050

planyourcityI’ll be brief on this one, since it’s pretty self-explanatory. A number of “visioning workshops” will be held this week to help plan the direction of Lethbridge into the year 2050, where hoverboards will hopefully exist.

The City of Lethbridge is inviting the community to share their ideas on how Lethbridge should be developed into the year 2050.

Input from the community will be an important element in the development of the City’s official Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which will guide decision-making about how the community will develop over the next 40 years.

An important element of the MDP is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) that balances cultural, social, economic, and environmental elements to ensure that Lethbridge continues to be a great place to live for future generations.

Wait, 40 years?! Should we be worried? I certainly hope a lot of youth take part in this process (more on this later to come )!

Plan Your City

The power is yours – April 22 is Earth Day

earthdayTying into Pitch-In Week, tomorrow is Earth Day Canada. Celebrated annually on April 22, it’s “a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.” Personally, I’ll be watching old episodes of Captain Planet the entire day. And not just because I have a crush on Linka, but because I care about the environment. And cartoon babes in general.

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Pitch-In is bitchin’

Operation Clean SweepIt’s “Pitch-In Canada Week,” where volunteers across the city pick up your garbage, you filthy jerk. The whole point of the week, a.k.a Operation Clean Sweep, is to encourage citizens to be responsible with their trash; to throw it in receptacles or recycle it to keep our environment clean.

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Recently on Lethbian Love

Maybe a sin tax ain’t so bad, after all. Maybe next time I’ll notice the Adam’s apple on that hot girl, before I end up in my birthday suit. But then maybe I won’t have an excuse…

It was all about music and dance this week. The ultra-hot, all girl group (with two boys) band, The Myelin Sheaths, made their debut and I was there, throwing my undies and flowers at the stage. Yet another embarrassing moment caught on tape.

Theatre is gay, in a good way

Pretty, Witty & GayThis weekend, the 6th installment of “Pretty, Witty & Gay” runs at the U of L David Spinks Theatre. It’s a celebration of sexual diversity on stage.

The show promises to entertain, provoke, challenge and excite you with performances including everything from theatre to music to dance to performance art, even drag! With exciting new work, as well as stand-by classics from U of L students, faculty, alumni and community members.

The show sells out every year and promises to be a good time.

Pretty, Witty & Gay 2009

It’s Record Store Day!

Record Store DayWhen was the last time you stepped inside a record store? I pretty much download all my music now though pirating iTunes, but don’t mind buying an occasional CD, especially if it’s to support an indie band I really like.

Today, local independent music store Blueprint Entertainment is holding it’s second annual Record Store Day.

April 18th, 2009 will mark the second annual Record Store Day and will be celebrated by hundreds of independently owned record stores around the globe. Record Store Day is a time for stores, musicians, and aficionados alike to come together to celebrate the art of music.

The day also features performances by Leeroy Stagger, Endangered Ape, The Darby & Joan Club and DJ Daemon, so stop by and have a listen.

Record Store Day 2009

Salsa is spicy

Henotic Salsa MondaysNot many people know this, but I once had a short-lived career as a Salsa dancer. Yes, it happened about a year after I gave up figure skating. I thought, “My feet cannot betray me.”

And I was right, both left feet stayed true. The same cannot be said for my ex-partner, Luciana. She was beautiful; her body flowed smoother than this expensive whiskey. But alas, Felipe, one of my many my rivals, stole her away from me. He won her with chest hair and championships, neither of which could I ever attain.

But fate not always be so unkind. No, one does not need a dance partner to take part in Henotic’s “Salsa Mondays.” All you need is a burning passion.

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Add daffodils to your shopping list

DaffodilIf having happy, yellow flowers in your house isn’t reason enough to buy some daffodils, consider that April is Daffodil Month. By buying some flowers, you help support the Canadian Cancer Society:

The money raised during Daffodil Month makes a real difference. It helps the Canadian Cancer Society fund life-saving cancer research, provide up-to-date and reliable information about cancer to the public and deliver community support services.

Help brighten up you home and the lives of those affected by cancer!

April is Daffodil Month