Month: April 2009

Theatre is gay, in a good way

This weekend, the 6th installment of “Pretty, Witty & Gay” runs at the U of L David Spinks Theatre. It’s a celebration of sexual diversity on stage. The show promises to entertain, provoke, challenge and excite you with performances including everything from theatre to music to dance to performance art, even drag! With exciting new …

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Salsa is spicy

Henotic Salsa MondaysNot many people know this, but I once had a short-lived career as a Salsa dancer. Yes, it happened about a year after I gave up figure skating. I thought, “My feet cannot betray me.”

And I was right, both left feet stayed true. The same cannot be said for my ex-partner, Luciana. She was beautiful; her body flowed smoother than this expensive whiskey. But alas, Felipe, one of my many my rivals, stole her away from me. He won her with chest hair and championships, neither of which could I ever attain.

But fate not always be so unkind. No, one does not need a dance partner to take part in Henotic’s “Salsa Mondays.” All you need is a burning passion.

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Add daffodils to your shopping list

If having happy, yellow flowers in your house isn’t reason enough to buy some daffodils, consider that April is Daffodil Month. By buying some flowers, you help support the Canadian Cancer Society: The money raised during Daffodil Month makes a real difference. It helps the Canadian Cancer Society fund life-saving cancer research, provide up-to-date and …

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Conservatives help you pay LESS tax?!

So I’m not a very political person, partly because Canada doesn’t have an equivalent to Sarah Paylin. But if there’s one thing I’m against, it’s the Conservative government. In Alberta, everyone here votes for them like sheep, and it disappoints me greatly. Don’t get me wrong – I love Lethbridge, but hate the Conservatives. You …

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The Myelin Sheaths are so hot right now

The Myelin Sheaths

So I got word from Paul Lawton that The Myelin Sheaths are also playing this Friday at Henotic. Since I’m pretty much in love with everyone from that band (except Joel because he’s a ginger), I asked Paul to give me the low down on this “unique girl-group on acid sound.”

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Explore and embrace a special wild place

Today is the birthdate of Jack Miner; some dead guy I never heard about until today. While miners played an important part in the early days of Lethbridge (the city was once named Coalbanks), this “Miner” was important for another reason. “Wild Goose Jack,” as he was known, is the grandfather of Canada conservationism. He …

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Free wine tasting this afternoon, very affordable

Andrew Hilton Wine & Spirits usually holds wine and spirit tasting throughout the year. This past winter, I kept warm with their Friday scotch tastings, pretending to know what the hell I was talking about by saying, “This has a strong peat flavour, which contrasts with subtle hints of apricot and sandalwood.” In their newsletter, …

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Just great, garage sale season is upon us

As soon as the sun starts shining, people get out all the crap they’ve been hoarding over the winter and have a garage sale. Lethbridge bands Endangered Ape and Amelia Earhart are no exception, but their crap should hold the same reputation as their music. Wow, that did not come out as I intended. We …

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National Day of Remembrance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

Today is the National Day of Remembrance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. One of the defining moments for Canada, Lethbridge played an important part. Soldiers from the 20th and 39th batteries of the Royal Canadian Artillery fought in this battle. A monument to those soldiers stands at the 18th Air Defence Regiment Armoury, which since has been renamed the Vimy Ridge Armoury.

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This week in Lethbridge

Like the time I stepped into the proton acceperator, I experimented last week with daily event updates. Needless to say, Ziggy said I wouldn’t leap again until I went back to the weekly mega-post, so here you go.

If you have something you’d like to see listed, email Sam. I’ll probably be having a baby or something next.

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